Preliminary DGNB certification // Gold for “The Brick”

01 Feb 16

Even before completion, the high-rise project “The Brick” in Frankfurt’s Europa district has been awarded the preliminary DGNB certificate in Gold.

The German Society for Sustainable Architecture (DGNB) grants certificates to specially environmentally-friendly, resource-saving and economically efficient projects. Buildings can be pre-certified in the planning phase. Up to 50 sustainability criteria are applied from the fields of ecology, economy, socio-cultural aspects, technology, procedures and location quality.

The Brick project is a “passivhaus” standard building with office spaces and retail spaces on the ground floor. In design terms, the idea of a 1920s Chicago-style loft was realized. A landmark design in the Europaviertel district that boasts state-of-the art building services engineering; geothermal energy, active cooling and extremely flexible footprints combine to offer innovation at a good price.

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